Storm King's Thunder

Giant Lore

Yer a Giant, Hagrid. Er... Half-Giant.


Left to Right: Storm Giant, Hill Giant, Stone Giant


L to R: Frost Giant, Fire Giant, Cloud Giant


Giant Runes

Here’s a real brief overview of the types of giants you guys might encounter during the adventure, and what conventional wisdom says about each of them.

Storm Giants:
The top of the giant society’s “caste system” (called The Ordning). Tall and powerful, they keep the weaker giants from wrecking shit and starting wars. The greatest storm giants are seers, skilled at identifying and interpreting cosmic signs and divine omens.

Cloud Giants:
Aloof and aristocratic, one step below the storm giants. They are isolated and rarely bring themselves down to the level of dealing with lesser giants or, even worse, “small folk”. Their culture is defined by extravagance.

Fire Giants:
Next in the Ordning, fire giants are tyrannical and warmongering and they rank themselves by their forging and smithing skill. They hold an especially fierce vendetta against dragons.

Frost Giants:
Merciless and predatory, they rank themselves based on martial prowess. They make their homes in the mountains and frozen lakes furthest to the north of Faerun.

Stone Giants:
They are xenophobic and avoid associating with other giants. They make their homes underground and regard the surface world as generally not their problem. Their place amongst their peers is determined by their skill at sculpting stone.

Hill Giants:
Finally, the hill giants are the lowest and smallest of the giants. They’re gluttonous and loathed by just about everybody. They lack any kind of great intelligence, and they live in fear of the other giant types. To make up for their low standing in the giant order, they like to torment and terrorize the human communities around their hills. In their society, standing is based almost exclusively on size.


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